Importing a BACPAC to SQL Server

Bradley Schacht

Bradley Schacht is a Cloud Solution Architect on the state and local government team with Microsoft based in Jacksonville, FL. He has co-authored 3 SQL Server books including "SQL Server 2014 Professional Administration". As a former consultant and trainer, he uses his experience on many parts of the Microsoft BI and data platform to help customers deliver the best possible solutions. Bradley frequently presents at community events around the country. He is a contributor to sites such as and an active member of the Jacksonville SQL Server User Group (JSSUG).

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  1. Yohoho says:

    Maybe a stupid question, what is wrong with a full backup?
    (I dont have any experencie with bacpac’s or azure)

    • We don’t have the ability to take a traditional SQL Server backup in the Azure SQL Database environment (Azure’s managed service). Our only option in today’s world is to do a data export from Azure SQL Database which then creates the BACPAC. Therefore we can’t do a traditional restore of that data into a regular SQL Server, only import the BACPAC.

  2. Meg says:

    HI Bradley,

    I understand this is an old post but I have a quick question we have azure running sql server 2016 as a service, you may be able to help me. I have retrieved my bacpac successfully but I need to restore it on a windows 7 machine. Issue been sql server 2016 will not run on windows 7. Is there any way around this without having to upgreade3 the windows 7 machine?

    Many thanks for any advice offered

    • Windows 7 is only on extended support at this point, so that is likely the reason behind the requirement for Windows 8 or higher. If you want to get around it the best way is likely to setup a virtual machine with Windows 10 either locally or online someplace like Azure. Don’t forget that there is only a 64-bit version of SQL Server 2016; no more 32-bit support.

  3. Angelo Alessandrini says:

    Hi Bradley, I have followed your instruction to restore a bacpac file from Azure but I’m encountering some problems.
    The import does not works, I have received the following error:
    i – Could not load schema from packge (Microsoft.SqlServer.Dac)
    Additional Information: Internal Error. The database platform service with type Microsoft.Data.Tools.Schema.SqlAzureV12DatabaseSchemaProvider is not valid. You must make sure the service is loaded, or you must provide the full type name of a valid database platform service (Microsoft.Data.Tools.Schema.Sql)

    Any ideas?
    Thank you. Angelo

  4. Angelo Alessandrini says:

    Hi Bradley, thank you for your reply. I will tray to test your reccomendations and I wiil give you feed back.
    Kind regards. Angelo

  5. Angelo Alessandrini says:

    Hi Bradley, with Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and SQL Server 2017, it works…… 🙂 thank you

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