Mar 21

Webinar Q&A: Getting Started With Analysis Services

I recently presented a free webinar for Pragmatic Works Free Training on the T’s about Getting Started With Analysis Services. We covered some of the differences between the two project types at a high level then built one of each to give everyone an idea of how difficult and how fast each could be developed. …

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Mar 04

SharePoint 2013 – Failed to install the product: D:\global\oserver.msi ErrorCode: 1603(0×643)

I often do my SharePoint setups on virtual machines since I need to build them up and tear them down frequently. Hyper-V is a beauty when it comes to demo environments. A few weeks ago I was doing an install and got an error that was absolutely no help. Well thanks. That’s completely unhelpful. To …

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Feb 28

Webinar Q&A: New BI Features in SharePoint 2013

I recently presented a free webinar for Pragmatic Works Free Training on the T’s about new Business Intelligence features in SharePoint 2013. If you attended I want to say thank you. It’s always a fun time presenting and the audience is always a lot of fun to interact with before presenting. If you were unable …

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Dec 30

A New Year is Right Around the Corner

If you read my 2013 Year In Review you may be here today wondering why I haven’t posted anything despite my stated desire to blog more over the next year. Well, it’s not because I’m waiting until after the new year or anything like that….well, not that may sound a little bit like a lie …

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Dec 06

Presentation Update: New BI Features in SharePoint 2013

It’s time for another free webinar!! Whether you like it or not SharePoint is here to stay! With every release of SQL Server or SharePoint (which follow different release cycles) the feature set for Business Intelligence professionals gets more fragmented and more complicated. If I want to get Feature A what combination of SQL Server …

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Dec 05

Presentation Update: Change Data Capture (CDC) Made Easy With SSIS 2012

Come get your learn on with Pragmatic Works and myself! In January I’ll be dropping some knowledge about change data capture and how to consume it with SSIS. CDC is one of the features I wish more of my clients were leveraging. It makes doing incremental loads dramatically more simplified. In this session I’ll show …

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Dec 04

Year In Review: 2013

Ok, so it’s not quite the end of the year yet. I figured I would get a head start on things. Who says that this type of post has to come on January 1st though? Well here goes. Let’s talk a little bit about what has happened in the last year and some of my …

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Dec 02

Webinar Q&A: Practical SSAS: Getting Started with Analysis Services

A couple of weeks ago I did two webinars for the Pragmatic Works Free Training on The T’s. The first was a session on how to load a data warehouse with SSIS. The followup session was about getting started with SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS). You can find the link to the recording here. The …

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Dec 02

Webinar Q&A: SSIS Design Patterns for Loading a Data Warehouse

I’m not going to sugar coat it. I’ve been a bit of a slacker lately. Unfortunately I didn’t get the Q&A for my two webinars up the week I did the presentations. So here is part 1 and the SSAS post will be separate. To start with, thank you for joining if you did attend …

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Oct 08

Setting the Default View on a SharePoint Library

There could be a number of reasons why you would want to change the default view on a SharePoint library. Perhaps you created a new view and want to make it the default. Maybe you created a PowerPivot library and don’t have Silverlight installed. The list could go on. Luckily setting the default view is …

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