Check Version of SharePoint 2010 Currently Installed

There are several ways to check the version of SharePoint 2010 currently installed in your environment. That about sums up what we are talking about here.  Check it out below.

Method 1: Through SharePoint 2010 Central Administration:

  1. Open SharePoint 2010 Central Administration
  2. Click on the link for System Settings
  3. Click the link for Manage Servers in This Farm
  4. Look at the Configuration Database Version field

Method 2: A detailed list through SharePoint 2010 Central Administration:

  1. Open SharePoint 2010 Central Administration
  2. Click on the link for Upgrade and Migration
  3. Click the link for Check Product and Patch Installation Status
  4. Look at the Version column for the release your server is at
  • There is a view button in the top left that will change the list from the farm to individual servers in the farm
  • At the top of the page a link labeled Click here for the latest information on available updates for SharePoint 2010 Products will take you to a list of all cumulative updates for SharePoint.
  • Any Hotfix will show under the product it applied to (my screenshot shows an RTM server with no hotfix installed)

Method 3: PowerShell

  1. Open SharePoint 2010 Management Shell from the Start menu (right-click and select Run as Administrator)
  2. Type  (get-spfarm).buildversion

Bradley Schacht

Bradley Schacht is a Cloud Solution Architect on the state and local government team with Microsoft based in Jacksonville, FL. He has co-authored 3 SQL Server books including "SQL Server 2014 Professional Administration". As a former consultant and trainer, he uses his experience on many parts of the Microsoft BI and data platform to help customers deliver the best possible solutions. Bradley frequently presents at community events around the country. He is a contributor to sites such as and an active member of the Jacksonville SQL Server User Group (JSSUG).

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5 Responses

  1. Tak says:

    Excellent demo – i am studying for my SP Admin Cert 70-667

  2. gw says:

    I just install SP 2010 service Pack 1. I try to verify the sp1 install by Powershell and the System Center–>Servers in Farm. Both method still showing the RTM version but the Upgrade and patch Management show the sp1 version. Did I miss somethng?


  3. DB says:

    On picture 1 version is: 14.0.4762.1000
    On picture 2 version is: 14.0.4763.1000
    On picture 3 version is: 14.0.4762.1000

    Which version are you using?

  4. Poolio says:

    All good methods when the farm has already been created. I was in the situation recently where I’d installed SharePoint binaries on all servers in a large farm, but had to verify that all the public update and cumulative updates had been installed BEFORE configuring the farm – so the Get-SPFarm and all SP cmdlets were no use.

    Should be simple, right? Check the version in Add/Remove programs… or check for updates there? That works for public updates but CUs don’t change the build number in ARP, and some don’t appear in the list of updates in ARP either. I created this PowerShell snippet to verify the installed updates:

    #Create empty array of installed SharePoint binaries
    $spInstallations = @()

    #Get registry keys for all installed applications and updates
    $regkey.GetSubKeyNames() | %{

    #Add any relevant to SharePoint to the array
    if ($DisplayName -like ‘*SharePoint*’){

    $spInstallations | sort | Get-Unique | %{Write-Host $_ -ForegroundColor Green}

    Obviously you use this at your own risk and discretion. It reads from the registry, doesn’t modify it but use with care in any case and I take no responsibility for any issues arising from it use. Yada yada…

  5. Luciano says:

    Thank you for the script. This work fine where =)

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