Why I'm Considering a Surface and Windows Phone 8

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  1. paschott says:

    I have a Surface RT and generally like it. I could wish for more apps, but also realize that it’s the new kid, unproven, not a huge fan base, etc. However, it’s a solid tablet and does quite a bit that is useful. The Surface Pro would likely be a better fit as a DB guy at this point because I could install some apps that would let me connect to my office and do some work while still being able to use the tablet form for non-work activities.
    There are a couple of hacks out there to better extend storage to a microSD card. They let you move your music, videos, and even your Modern app files there if you feel constrained by the on-board storage. I’m not feeling a storage pressure at the moment, but can see how that could be a problem for some down the line.

    I generally like my WP as well, though not as pleased with MS dropping support for all 7.x devices when they announced WP8. It works well and I don’t really miss many of the popular apps except perhaps a small number of games. Instagram is kind of silly to me, but I hear that it’s coming for all of the fans out there. The auto upload of pictures to Skydrive is nice, especially the option in WP8 that will upload a full copy there when connected over a network (though not over cell data). I like the “find my phone” feature, but that could be because my wife has a habit of leaving her phone in odd places. I know that isn’t unique, but it is well implemented.
    I could wish for broader support for a removable mSD card. The Nokia/HTC look good, but I’d gladly trade off some of those looks for the ability to extend the storage a bit. Minor quibble, but storage sizes are still a bit small for my tastes.

    Skydrive is well integrated for the most part. I usually just use it for OneNote syncing across platforms, but store a fair number of files there for personal use. I am grandfathered into the 25GB storage and I’m sure that helps.

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