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It has been a few weeks since I last posted.  I know, I’m a slacker, thanks for pointing that out.  I have a little bit of a pipeline that I am working on getting populated and just wanted to toss out some of the topics that I have in consideration for upcoming content.  If you happen to have something you would like to see on here please feel free to email me or leave a comment.  The more feedback I get on what people want to see the better your experience will be coming to this site… and yes that is partially a ploy to get you to return.  🙂  For the future I am going to try to post new content every Tuesday morning (or late Monday so that it is there for Tuesday morning).  You can also get the RSS feed and add it to your Outlook, Google Reader or whatever other applications you happen to use for following blogs.  The RSS feed is available at: http://www.bradleyschacht.com/feed/

So, here are some of the things that I am considering for the next little bit (not finalized, in no order, not necessarily going to happen just because it is on the list either):

  • Creating and calling functions in VB (for use in SSIS script tasks and script transformations)
  • Some other miscellaneous VB stuff I found gets messed up in script transformations (data flow, not control flow)
  • How to get a better error message from your script task
  • Creating and using a temp table in an SSIS package
  • A few undocumented stored procedures that are REALLY useful in T-SQL
  • Some other random script task things
  • Alternating row colors in SSRS reports (and a piece of code to make it work in a matrix)
  • Some stuff in Access (please don’t yell at me for that) to help make your Access to SQL migration easier
  • Data refresh in SharePoint 2010
  • How to fix some PowerPivot Gallery viewing issues in SharePoint 2010
  • A couple of good sources for sample data

You may notice that there were quite a few things on that list dealing with VB and scripting.  I am NOT turning into a .Net developer, trust me!  I recently worked on a DTS to SSIS conversion project and I had to do a lot of scripting to get it converted.  The client happened to want VB script and so I have gained quite a bit of knowledge about using VB in SSIS recently.  I am by no means a VB expert though, let’s just get that out there now.

Hopefully there is something on that list that will be helpful to you.  I am also planning some new content around SSAS, data modeling and a little bit of SharePoint 2010 stuff that should be pretty cool.  Again, please feel free to let me know if you have a topic (general or specific) that you want covered and I’d be happy to blog it if I have some useful knowledge on the subject.

Bradley Schacht

Bradley Schacht is a Cloud Solution Architect on the state and local government team with Microsoft based in Jacksonville, FL. He has co-authored 3 SQL Server books including "SQL Server 2014 Professional Administration". As a former consultant and trainer, he uses his experience on many parts of the Microsoft BI and data platform to help customers deliver the best possible solutions. Bradley frequently presents at community events around the country. He is a contributor to sites such as SQLServerCentral.com and an active member of the Jacksonville SQL Server User Group (JSSUG).

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