SharePoint SSRS “The permissions granted to user 'DomainUser' are insufficient for performing this operation”

Bradley Schacht

Bradley Schacht is a Cloud Solution Architect on the state and local government team with Microsoft based in Jacksonville, FL. He has co-authored 3 SQL Server books including "SQL Server 2014 Professional Administration". As a former consultant and trainer, he uses his experience on many parts of the Microsoft BI and data platform to help customers deliver the best possible solutions. Bradley frequently presents at community events around the country. He is a contributor to sites such as and an active member of the Jacksonville SQL Server User Group (JSSUG).

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8 Responses

  1. Bevan says:

    Brad you beauty. Had me struggling with all sorts of spn differences between test and prod. Nice work.

  2. Erin says:

    Thank you!! I have performed the SP2010 to SP2013 upgrade multiple times in our test environment and encountered numerous errors EXCEPT this one. I am literally in the middle of upgrading our production server and just got this error. You saved me so much time, thanks!

  3. Jason says:

    Which application pool in SharePoint? I have three websites in IIS: SharePoint:80, SharePoint:8000, and SharePoint:1000 (for Central Administration) — only two of which are visible in the Central Administration > Service Accounts > Credential Management page (the one that is not visible is the Central Administration Web Application Pool). So, to clarify, if I wanted to change the service accoutn associated with the Application Pool for Central Administration I would not be able to.

  4. Evan says:

    YES! Who would think to change the account from the correct setting? A stroke of genius, and something I’ll add to my “Microsoft Solutions” file along with “reboot it” and “iisreset”.

  5. Rob says:

    This is not unlike the solution I found when I had a web application where the root site collection was inaccessible even though others SCs in the web app were – enable anonymous access, then disable anonymous access.

    Nice work!

  6. says:

    I had the same issue (stopped 2 days after restore) but the steps above did not resolve it for me. Finally fixed it by setting an “Execution Account” in SQL Reporting Service settings

  7. bhavster 27 says:

    You may also see this error if the datasource of the report is in pending state. If versioning is enabled for the datasource library you will need to approve that first.

  8. Peter Williams says:

    Your blogged really helped solve my, as you put it, crazy situation. I rebuilt the web application and everything was fine except the problem referred to in this blog. After double checking all the appropriate settings, I was left a little stumped. When I say this blog, it made perfect sense and

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