Dec 05

Presentation Update: Change Data Capture (CDC) Made Easy With SSIS 2012


Come get your learn on with Pragmatic Works and myself! In January I’ll be dropping some knowledge about change data capture and how to consume it with SSIS. CDC is one of the features I wish more of my clients were leveraging. It makes doing incremental loads dramatically more simplified. In this session I’ll show you quickly how to enable CDC then how to use SSIS to consume the data. Check out the details and a link to register below. Oh, did I mention it’s free?? Be sure to register even if you aren’t able to attend so you can get a link to the recording and watch it later.

Registration Link: http://www.pragmaticworks.com/LearningCenter/FreeTrainingWebinars/FutureWebinars.aspx?ResourceId=608

Title: Change Data Capture (CDC) Made Easy With SSIS 2012
Date: January 28, 2014
Description: One of the hidden gems introduced in SQL Server 2008 was change data capture. Loading your data warehouse has never been easier thanks to new components in SSIS 2012 designed specifically to consume CDC data. This amazing feature automates the process of detecting inserts, updates and deletes in your data; a vital step in determining type 1 and type 2 record updates. This session will begin by discussing the setup and configuration of CDC. Next Brad will jump into SQL Server Data Tools and walk you step by step through creating an SSIS package to load a dimension that will leverage all the new tasks and components. After this session you will have a very powerful tool in your SSIS tool belt.




  1. Amos

    Thanks Bradley for your webinar, are you able to post the sql scripts shown in the webinar?

  2. Ron Holmes

    I am enjoying your CDC webinar, could you please let me know where the SQL Scripts had in this webinar, the others look interesting also.

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