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Nov 09

Monitoring BI Performance: Scripts and Slides

I recently did a presentation and discussed some techniques for monitoring the performance of your business intelligence stack. I will be doing 3 additional posts that go into a little more detail and contain screenshots of how to monitor each BI tool with some step by step instructions. Be on the lookout for those coming out over …

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Oct 15

Webinar Q&A: SSRS Subscriptions and Data Alerts

Updated 10-16-2014 at 11:20 AM Eastern Yesterday I presented about Change Data Capture for the Pragmatic Works Free Training on the T’s. I covered the basics of what Change Data Capture (CDC) is and showed how to use it. We had a good turn out, so thank you to everyone that attended. If you were …

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Oct 02

SharePoint Reporting Services Content Types Missing

Missing 1

Being able to manage the content types in your SharePoint libraries is key to creating a useful portal. Among the necessary content types are those associated with SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). If you create a new document library and want to add the ability to create data sources, reports or even just launch report …

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Aug 27

SharePoint SSRS “The permissions granted to user ‘Domain\User’ are insufficient for performing this operation”

Not too long ago I ran into a crazy situation where just about everything that could have gone wrong with my SharePoint environment after a restore did go wrong. I was planning on blogging a bunch of it and thanks to time constraints I had to just get it backup and running and couldn’t take …

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Jun 11

Installing Power View for Multidimensional Models


  Power View was a new reporting option added in the SQL Server 2012 release as part of the SharePoint integrated mode of Reporting Services. From the beginning it was limited to only reporting off tabular models (and therefore PowerPivot models as well). Power View later made its way into Excel 2013, still maintaining support …

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Dec 21

Prepare To Install Reporting Services

The first step in setting up a report server is getting Reporting Services installed.  There are a few differences between the process for 2005 and 2008.  On the installation side, if you do not have the IIS setting configured before running the SQL install process you will not even be given the option to install …

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Nov 20

Trouble Viewing Reports in Report Server

Have you ever opened your report server only to find a blank section of nothing-ness where your reports should be?  The solution to your problem is more than likely in the permissions.  The easiest fix for this situation is to right click on IE and select Run As Administrator.  There are, however, ways around having …

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