Let me start by welcoming you to BradleySchacht.com

This is me looking into distance, dramatic I know:

Bradley Schacht

Here is a little bit of information about myself:

  • I grew up and currently live in Jacksonville, FL
  • I’m more than just a little bit of a nerd
  • I attend have been a part of Journey Church for quite some time now
  • I really enjoy playing tennis
  • I play guitar and want to learn piano at some point in the future
  • I go skiing with a small group of friends every year in West Virginia, hopefully Colorado next year
  • I’m Twitter (@bradleyschacht) and FaceBook (oops, that’s right, I’m the one last person in America that doesn’t use FaceBook, sorry for the confusion)
  • I have an awesome cat who is a giant bundle of energy named Oreo
  • I’m co-author of the book SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence 24-Hour Trainer, it just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it
  • I currently work as a Business Intelligence Consultant for Pragmatic Works

Those are some of the highlights. If you want more information by all means ask. I have an account over on Blogspot that I have all but abandoned. I have been meaning for a long time to shift all by blogging to one central location. I haven’t fully decided if I am going to keep up a personal blog in addition to the SQL stuff that I post or not.  Either way, if you happen to see some personal posts pop up about me skiing or a concert that I just went to or anything in between and you aren’t interested in that, just skip it. I have created two categories at this point, Personal and Professional, so I will try to keep all the non SQL related posts contained under personal.

Part of the reason I blog is to help out in the community. I attend all the SQL Saturday events that I possibly can and speak at those as well. Please let me know any SQL related topics that you would like to see on here or that you are struggling with. There are countless places online you can use as great resources for SQL/Business Intelligence information and hopefully this site will become one of those that you trust over time as well. I am by no means the expert on everything, but I will definitely share what I know and you’re more than welcome to add your own comments to whatever I say.

Bradley Schacht

Bradley Schacht is a Cloud Solution Architect on the state and local government team with Microsoft based in Jacksonville, FL. He has co-authored 3 SQL Server books including "SQL Server 2014 Professional Administration". As a former consultant and trainer, he uses his experience on many parts of the Microsoft BI and data platform to help customers deliver the best possible solutions. Bradley frequently presents at community events around the country. He is a contributor to sites such as SQLServerCentral.com and an active member of the Jacksonville SQL Server User Group (JSSUG).

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